Ras Abu Gallum

Camels at the Red Sea shore, Ras Abu Gallum camel trip

Snorkelling Camel Trip

Perfect tour that combine a camel ride through the Sinai coastline, snorkelling in the waters of the Red Sea and enjoy the traditional Bedouin lifestyle at the village of Ras Abu Gallum.

A short Jeep trip takes us to the Blue Hole where we mount our camels for a trek along the spectacular coast of around one and a half hours.

Ras Abu Gallum has been a protected area since 1993. Not only are the fauna and flora protected here, but also the habitat of the Bedouin, who here still live a life relatively free from influence of tourism. We eat fish, freshly caught and prepared by Bedouins, (Bedouins have the right to fish in this protected area, to all others fishing is prohibited) we enjoy the beach and snorkel over the coral reefs.

We return by camel to the Blue Hole where we can refresh ourselves with a swim or snorkel before the jeep ride home.

This can be a day excursion or an overnight trip.