Jeep Safaris

Dahab Off-road


Climb aboard a jeep and drive into the Sinai for a desert experience of a lifetime. Witness the grandeur of the canyons, plains and mountains, the awesome diversity of the wadis, and discover the mysterious oasis.

Come and join us on our extraordinary jeep and trek adventures. We offer you a variety of unique fun tours and activities and events to please any desert lover. Listed here are the most popular programs for multi-day safaris by jeep and foot.

Multi day Jeep Safaris

Trek Connection

LizardA three days jeep Safari that includes the Canyon, Wadi Firan, St. Catherine and Serabit El Khadim.

Sons of the Desert

Sunset during a desert jeep tourOne week by Jeep through the Sinai Desert. The best of the off-road driving, crossing dunes, mud, camel grass, rocks and canyons among others.