Oasis Ein Khudra

The gardens of the desert

Mountains, rocky valleys, dunes... the scenery where Bedouin life takes place. Seems to arid, deserted, to hash for life, but between the crags and crevices, surrounded by barren wasteland, plants and trees raise and an oasis open up.

Blue Hole Travel offers you multiple options to enjoy of the most spectacular oasis, in daily trips, spending the night camping under a carpet of stars or during a adventurous safari. Some suggestions could be:

Ein Khudra: in arabic means “green oasis”, fresh water, gardens of palm trees, and a perfect place to relax and experience the Bedouin lifestyle.

Its a is a vital stop on the trails and routes, to calm the thirst and rest. And a beautiful stopping point if you are visiting Coloured and White Canyons, or you want to joing a safari for several days in the area.

Wadi Feiran: the largest oasis in Sinai, over 4 km of lush and fertile land where everything grows: corn, wheat, barley, tamarind, tobacco and, of course dates, lots and lots of dates from its thousands and thousands of palms.

According to the legend, Feiran is where Moses struck a tock with his staff, bringing forth a spring so his followers could drink. And historically, has always been the provider of all the fruits and vegetables for St Catherine’s monastery. Several of our hiking, camel or jeep safaris can include the visit to this beautiful oasis.